Celebration of Champions® 2019

2019 Celebration of Champions

Carter Strong 2019

 Join our Team and Help Kids like Carter!

Five year old Carter Santos was diagnosed with B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on December 11, 2018. In less than 2 months since his diagnosis, Carter has shown immeasurable strength and courage. In the first 36 hours of Carter’s diagnosis he received 2 blood transfusions and three platelet transfusions. Carter’s first round of chemo weakened his intestines creating perforations, this caused great pain and led to an emergency surgery where over 20% of his small intestine was removed. As a result of this surgery he will have an ileostomy bag for the next 9 months as he continues to receive his chemo treatments. Once he enters the Maintenance Phase he will have another surgery to reverse the Ileostomy and get him one step closer to the strong and healthy boy he once was. Carter has had many obstacles to overcome in his journey and thank you to the amazing care by the nurses and Doctors at Rady’s he is now back on schedule with his chemotherapy. He is looking forward to being strong and healthy enough for this year’s Celebration of Champions.
The Celebration of Champions will be a great opportunity for Carter and his family (Josie 13 and Payton 10) to enjoy a day together outside having fun and celebrating Carter’s accomplishments!
Please join our team or donate so that Carter and other kids like him at Rady Children’s Peckham center for Cancer and Blood Disorders can enjoy a carefree day with their families at the Celebration of Champions! All donations benefit the Peckham Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego.

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