Celebration of Champions® 2019

2019 Celebration of Champions

Team Parker

Parker was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in July of 2017, when he was 4 years old. His treatment is a total of 3 years and he recently hit the halfway point. His treatment has included chemo through a port, chemo into his spine, oral chemo, steroids, blood transfusions, IGG transfusion and long hospital stays.

The psychological toll this takes on a child is tremendous and we are forever grateful for the services that are funded by donatons to Celebration of Champions help get children with cancer the emotional support they need during their treatment at Rady Children’s Hospital.

From day 1, we used these services starting with the Child Life Experts. When we were in the ER and Parker needed an IV in his hand, an energetic woman with a backpack whirled in and distracted Parker in such a way he had no idea they had inserted a needle and on her way out convincing him his new arm brace covering the IV was a laser shooter. They would be the ones to help explain to a 4 year old what Leukemia was and support throughout treatment when he was struggling with a port access or lab draw.

But the service we relied on most heavily was the clinical psycholgist Rady's provided for the pediatric oncology patients. She not only provided Parker with psychological support every week, but she would help us as parents understand what he was going through and how the emotions he was dealing with were manifesting. It is a priceless resource for both children with cancer and their parents and we are confident Parker will come out of this in a better place because of it.

We truly believe these emotional support services are an essential part of successful treatment. By donating to Celebration of Champions we can continue to make these emotional support resources availalbe to children battling cancer.

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All donations benefit the Peckham Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego.

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