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Philanthropy In ACTION

Help us fund cutting-edge care and research!

Philanthropy In Action was started by the Rady Childrens Hospital Foundation's Estates and Trusts Council. We've joined forces to raise funds for an Advanced Fellowhip in the Motility Center at Rady Childrens.

Some of the most cutting edge research and treatments at Rady Childrens are in the field of Motility- the movement of the GI tract and its interaction with the brain. Since GI issues and neurological/behavioral issues are two of the most common areas of treatment at Rady Childrens, the potential to help kids is immense. The vision of the Motility Center is to increase care for motility patients and to expand testing and research in this critical area. Join us to raise funds for an advanced fellowship which will allow the expansion of care, testing, training and research in motility. 

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