Miracle Makers

Team Teddy

Theodore “Teddy” Johnson was born at 31 weeks on May 6th 2018, weighing 3lbs 12 oz.

As we celeabrate Theodore's 1st Birthday we would like to take this opportunity to show our sincere appreciation to all of those at the Scripps La Jolla NICU.  

During his month in the NICU, he was given excellent care and love from all the doctors, nurses and hospital staff. Even though it was a scary time for our family and friends (Team Teddy), we were surrounded by tremendous support from the dedicated NICU team. Even under our circumstances, we enjoyed spendig our days and nights getting to know the nurses, who taught us how to care for our little guy. Team Teddy learned many different ways to do things each day for Theodore. We loved building many unique realtionships with each nurse and doctor. Our time there was long but we felt so much love that when Theodore was discharged on June 5th 2018, we left with full hearts and tears in our eyes with gratitude for our wonderful experince with the Scripps La Jolla NICU Team.

In lieu of Birthday gifts and in recognition of the excellent care Theodore recevied, please consider donatinig in his name...


All donations will go directly to the NICU team at Scripps La Jolla.

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