Social Media Tips

From registration to event day, social media is a great way to let your friends know what you’re doing, share in your experience and support your efforts.

Facebook and Twitter

Connect with us! Like us on Facebook ( and and follow us on Twitter ( It’s an easy way to show you care about the hospital.

Include a link to your fundraising page – make it easy for friends to donate by including your link in every post or tweet.

Use pictures – photos get the most attention in newsfeeds.

Keep it short – people are busy, so keep your posts brief.

Post updates – let your friends know how much you’ve raised and how close you are to your goal.

Encourage sharing – expand your network by asking your friends and family to like and share your posts.

Say thank you – when friends donate, post a thank you message to them on your wall and tag them. That way the post will not only show up in your timeline, but it will also show up in theirs.

Here are a few sample posts to help get you started:



Are you on Pinterest, Instagram, Google+?  We’d love to hear how you use other social media sites to promote your fundraising efforts - send us an email at